Which Driving School?

Five Questions to Ask Your Driving School Before Enrolling

Learning how to drive is a major life decision. On top of the fact that you will be operating a machine that weighs a ton and driving alongside other individuals, you will have to invest money and time in the entire process. Since we have been reminded so many times in the past that money does not grow on trees, then you need to make an informed choice before you pick out a driving school. To be able to make an informed choice, you need to have as much information as you can gather. Below are some of the questions that you may want to ask before picking out a driving school:

Are all of your driving instructors ADI-certified?

The Road Safety Authority supervises all driving schools and they are in charge of certifying individuals who wish to become driving instructors. In order for an individual to be able to teach learner drivers their Essential Driver Training (EDT) course, they must first be considered as Approved Driving Instructors by the RSA. Written and practical exams will need to be passed for a person to become an ADI-certified driving instructor.

Before you think that you can bypass the ADI rule, the RSA holds strictly to the policy that only EDT logbooks which are signed by ADI-certified driving instructors will be accepted. In order for a learner driver to book a date for the practical driving test, they must present an EDT logbook which has been filled up and signed by an ADI-certified driving instructor. This will help the RSA monitor all learner drivers and ensure that they really went through the required EDT course. As bottom line, all of your investment goes down the drain if you go for a non-ADI instructor.

All of the driving instructors at EDT School of Motoring are all certified by the RSA and they have garnered so much driving instruction related experience throughout all the years of their professional practise. EDT School of Motoring only picks out the most competent driving instructors who have excelled in their chosen field of interest.

Are your driving instructors guaranteed to complete and upload my EDT logbook?

Before you can book a date for your practical driving test, your EDT logbook will first have to be uploaded to the RSA portal. Without the completed and uploaded logbook, the student will be denied his or her driving test application. Completing the EDT logbook will fall on the shoulders of the driving instructor depending on how well the learner driver does.

During the EDT course, the driving instructor would have to write down comments after each lesson and narrate how well the learner driver did. This will help the RSA evaluate the progress of the learner driver and better assess if he or she should receive a driving licence. Since the driving instructor would have to be in charge of uploading the logbook, you need to make sure that you pick out a driving school with responsible driving instructors.

At EDT School of Motoring, all of our driving instructors will ensure that your EDT logbook is filled up accurately and in an up-to-date manner. And once you are done with the entire course, our instructors will automatically upload your logbook so you wouldn’t have to worry about having your practical driving test application stalled or denied.

Will I have the same driving instructor all throughout the driving course?

Ever wondered why your best classes were, more or less, also taught by your favourite teacher? This may be due to the fact that you are able to learn better in a non-threatening environment which is fostered by a teacher who you have good rapport with. In order to increase the passing rate, some driving schools put premium on how comfortable and relaxed their students feel during their driving lessons. However, there are only a few driving schools that actually allow their students to have the same driving instructor from the first class to the last. If you would be more comfortable with this form of arrangement, then you should ask the driving school point blank before committing.

At the same time, female driving instructors which are ADI-certified are hard to come by. All the more if you expect to have the same female driving instructor to teach you from start to finish. While the proverbial glass ceiling has been broken, the fact exists that some women learner drivers feel more comfortable when they are being instructed by someone of the same sex.

EDT School of Motoring is just one of the very few driving schools with a female driving instructor. Among the roster of driving instructors, she has one of the highest passing rates making her a very valuable asset. At the same time, EDT School of Motoring also pairs each learner driver with a driving instructor of their choice, whether that be a male or female driving instructor. We want nothing but to make you feel comfortable and calm throughout the entire driving course.

Do you allow car sharing or piggybacking?

Many driving schools will make a learner driver pick up another learner driver, and then the second learner driver drives the first one home. This is a policy which is entrenched in a lot of driving schools but is actually counterproductive to the entire learning process. For maximum comprehension and retention, a learner driver should feel most at ease and having a stranger sitting at the back of the car will only fuel one’s nerves.

At EDT School of Motoring, we are vehemently against the entire idea of car sharing or piggybacking. Every learner driver that enrols in our program pays a full rate and deserves to have a one-on-one tuition with their driving instructor. By making sure that our learner drivers learn in an environment which is conducive and does not promote unhealthy competition, we get better passing rates than other driving schools.

How much do you charge for driving lessons?

Compared to other driving schools, EDT School of Motoring has more affordable rates for driving lessons. The other driving schools might argue that you get what you pay for but this is completely not the case with us. While we do offer cheaper rates, you won’t have to worry about your driving instruction being short changed by incompetent instructors and not-so-latest equipment. The reason for why EDT School of Motoring has more reasonable rates is because we operate our business right off of the Internet. This lowers our overhead costs and keeps us from passing on the rates to our learner drivers.

However, be wary still of driving schools which advertise dirt cheap rates wherein it seems impossible for them to make a profit. Businesses exist for the reason of making profits and if it seems unfeasible for a driving school to make money out of their rates and still deliver the best results, then you know that something has got to give. You cannot expect to hire the best driving instructors and still offer very cheap rates.

Finally, while prices may be a huge factor to consider when picking out which driving school to go for, you should look at the bigger picture and that is the quality of driving tuition that you are paying for. Ask around for qualifications of driving instructors. Another good idea is to talk to people you know who may have availed of the services of your prospective driving school and ask them for reviews.

Driving is one of the essential life skills that you would have to learn. Invest your time and money on a driving school which delivers and cares genuinely for their learner drivers. EDT School of Motoring will not disappoint on both counts.