Male or Female Instructors

Choosing a Male or Female Driving Instructor

We understand that when learning how to drive, a student’s progress would actually depend on how comfortable he or she is with the driving instructor. For this reason, EDT School of Motoring has made it their priority to match their students with the best driving instructors they have around. The reason for why EDT School of Motoring is one of the best driving schools in the entire Ireland is because of the way that they select only the most competent and experienced driving instructors.

Below are some of the reasons for why you should pick out EDT School of Motoring:

1. We have female and male driving instructors.

While gender barriers and stereotypes have basically been demolished within the past century, the fact still remains that some individuals feel more comfortable when they are being taught by someone of the same sex. However, the problem is that most driving schools have a shortage of women driving instructors. Here at EDT School of Motoring, we don’t just have female driving instructors but we can assure our students that all of our driving instructors, regardless of whether they are females or males, are exceptional in their field of choice.

2. We can pair you up with a driving instructor from the start of your course to finish.

One great way for you to learn is by developing rapport with the person who is mentoring you. This is why, as much as possible, we won’t change your driving instructor during the middle of your programme. EDT School of Motoring is just one of the very few driving schools in the entire Ireland which can guarantee that a student can start and finish an entire course with the same female driving instructor.

However, if you feel that you are having a hard time adjusting with your driving instructor, then you can tell us and we will change your driving instructor with someone who is more right up to your alley. The point is that we always strive to make you feel comfortable all throughout your journey to getting a full driving licence.

3. We only pick out Approved Driving Instructors.

The Road Safety Authority has mandated that only driving instructors who have been ADI certified can teach learner drivers the EDT course. The Essential Driver Training or EDT is required for anyone who wants to sit through their practical driving test. Since the knowledge one can soak up from a person is limited only by how knowledgeable that person is, then having trained and competent driving instructors that have been ADI certified by the RSA is necessary to being adequately prepared for the practical driving test.

Meet One of Our Driving Instructors

Mary is our female driving instructor. She is very much approachable and friendly, but moreover, she is an expert in her chosen field of interest. In fact, Mary has a very high pass rate with her students. Mary has been teaching learner drivers for more than eight years now and she is just one of the very limited female driving instructors that specialise in teaching female drivers.