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So you want to learn how to drive and competently enough for you to pass the dreaded practical driving test. If that is so, then you might not want to entrust the very fragile and demanding task of learning how to drive to just about anyone, or worst, yourself. With the EDT course that the Road Safety Authority has just instituted, it has become a lot harder to pass the practical driving test. When it comes to motoring schools in the greater Dublin area, EDT School of Motoring boasts of one of the highest passing rates among their first time exam takers.

Why choose us?

The success of EDT School of Motoring is in the fact that we only pick out driving instructors that have been certified by the RSA as ADI. Since your mentor can really influence the way that you drive as well as the habits that could lead to your passing (or failing) of the practical driving test, then it would be to your advantage that you are educated by some of the best driving instructors in the country.

At the same time, we offer different driving programs from the EDT course to basic beginner courses and even driving instructor education courses. Moreover, our programs are all student-centric in that we always make use of the progress of our learner drivers as our guide for how we ought to conduct our lessons. Since no two persons are the same, we also understand that a certain learner driver may struggle while the other may breeze through the driving course. Depending on how fast or limited your retention of driving knowledge may be, we will also adjust the pace of our lectures and lessons accordingly.

Finally, we know what you want, and that is to pass the driving test in just one take. This is exactly why we go beyond just teaching our students to drive but we actually work hard at ensuring that you are at the peak of your game when you take the driving test. With the help of our pretest driving lessons Dublin, we can show you exactly what to expect during the actual driving test and help correct any driving habits which may be pulling you back from getting that highly coveted driving licence.

If you want to our help in getting you into fighting shape when you take your driving test, you can call EDT School of Motoring at 01-4759100.

How should you prepare?

When you apply for a driving licence, you will only apply to a certain RSA driving centre based on where you are from or live closest to. If you reside in the Clondalkin area, then you should register with the Tallaght Test Centre. On the other hand, if you live in Rathfarnham, then you ought to apply to the Rathgar Driving Centre. Depending on the driving centre that you apply to, you will be assigned to a certain RSA driving course that you will have to drive through during the actual driving test.

Tallaght Test Centre

If you are residing and taking driving lessons in any of the following locations: Adamstown, Ballyfermot, Crumlin, Clondalkin, Chapelizod, Drimnagh, Inchicore, Kilmainham, Driving Lessons Lucan, Palmerstown, Rathcoole, Walkinstown and Templeogue; then you should register with the RSA Tallaght RSA Driving Centre.

The RSA Tallaght Driving Centre is located at Premier Business Park, 52 Broomhill Road. Of the four Dublin RSA Driving Centres, the Tallaght location is often viewed as having the easiest driving course since the driving centre has the highest passing rate. However, it’s still crucial for those who aspire to have driving licences that registered with Tallaght to familiarise with the route and the techniques that the examiner will be on a look-out for throughout the entire test. You should keep your eyes peeled for one way streets, zebra crossings and luas line. On top of that, you may also need to master mandatory and non-mandatory cycle tracks, and dual carriageway driving.

Rathgar Test Centre

You must register with the RSA Rathgar Driving Centre if you live in the following areas: Ballinteer, Ballsbridge, Blackrock, Churchtown, Clonskeagh, Dalkey, Dun Loaghaire, Dundrum, Donnybrook, Foxrock, Goatstown, Harolds Cross, Rathmines, Ranelagh, Sandymount Stillorgan, and Terenure.

Compared to all four driving centres in Dublin, the infamously difficult driving course is said to be the Rathgar Test Centre. The Rathgar Test Centre is found in 75 Orwell Road Rathgar in Dublin. This notorious driving centre and driving course, which the learner student will have to drive through, is celebrated for its tricky entrance and test centre car park manoeuvres. Another reason for why a lot of learner students fail when driving through the Rathgar driving course is because of the many large blind curves, parked streets and, cyclist and pedestrian environment

EDT School of Motoring also has other driving schools within the island of Ireland. . Those branches also offers various other services such as car hire and rental, and pretest driving lessons. If you would like to know more about the programs that we offer or hire a car for your test drive, simply call us at 01-4759100.